Want to Succeed Branded Bag Business? Here are the tips

Succeed Branded Bag Business?

Observing women who are now really crazy about branded bags, surely it’s not surprising anymore. World fashion house output bags such as Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Balenciaga, or Dior are a handful of brands that are often the butt.

Even though the price of such a branded bag can take hundreds of millions of rupiah, they are not afraid to consistently have it with various methods. Not just supporting the appearance, apparently almost all of the branded bags had a fairly large investment score. The reason is, every year the price of a bag can rise 12% to 14% globally.

If it continues to be treated well, the scores from Tas Tas such things can continue to increase even capable of conquering precious metals, deposits, stocks to mutual funds. Now with the great enthusiasm of womenfolk to branded bags, in Indonesia itself this business is mushrooming.

Some take stock and then from abroad, some are marketing it in a preloved situation. Getting into business Branded bags are essentially not difficult. As long as you personally like it too, everything about Bags can actually be understood as ‘khatam’. Thus, you become easier to make a business that is really promising. Info on CekAja.com, in order to be successful in business, here are the tips:

Want to Succeed Branded Backpack Business? Here are the tips
Join social groups

Don’t be afraid to participate in social groups of branded Tas lovers, starting at least from social media like Instagram. If you need to go to special events that are routinely held, such as the Irresistible Bazaar.

Via this social group, so you can keep up to date with the latest products, how the market tastes, and which bags have potential prices to market.

Sometimes between friends in a social group also often buy each other selling bags each, if by chance you have a series of bags that they want and vice versa.

Find out which bag brands are the most popular

Market tastes are certainly different. In Indonesia, surely every Bag enthusiast has their own preferences for the products they want.

Even easier if you pay attention to the style of some public figures. For example when Mrs. Iriana Jokowi appeared with a black Dior Mini Bag “Lady Dior” in black, many people then then looked for such a bag.

Demand instead increased automatically. This one bag is indeed favored by many women because although it stands out simple, but consistently gives the impression classy.

Determine the target market

Don’t forget to set a target market. For example if a young executive, just sell a bag that they enjoy doing.

Among these things usually have a unique soul. Louis Vuitton might be a bit boring for them, so the designs of artsy Bags like Balenciaga and Fendi are more favored.

If you already know what your target market is like, it will certainly facilitate the business of this branded bag. No need to provide a lot of stock from a variety of brands, just enough as long as feasible with the will of the target market earlier.

Establish cooperation with relatives abroad

Have an acquaintance or relative with a foreign address? Just try to establish cooperation to help this effort.

When certain Tas stalls in some countries often do sales at low prices, well this is when you can ask for their help to shop for discounted products like that.

Caring and observing equipment bags

If the business sector of your branded bag is preloved, take care as best as possible before being marketed again later. For leather bags, at least once a week it should be aired so that it is not moist.

Except that, put in silica gel to keep it consistently dry. Then so that the size of the bag is consistently good, you should put soft, clean paper.

Also observe the equipment that the bag has, keep the paper bags, boxes, dustbags, care cards, until the purchase receipt so that the selling score does not decrease.

In the business world of buying and selling branded bags, buyer’s trust is number one. Keeping a good name is the key.

Do not sometimes market a quality mirror bag, even though physically almost the same is similar. Every branded bag enthusiast usually knows whether or not such items are original, even just by paying attention without touching them. How, the weight to go into this business?